Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mother Neff State Park

Mother Neff State Park has long been on my list of to-visit state parks.  It was the very first state park in Texas.  It was definitely worth the trip.  Not the lush forested area we are accustomed to in East Texas, but pretty in it's own way, and the trails over and around the limestone rocks and to neat places like the old CCC water tower and the natural "cave" were great!  It was good family fun!
Brady and Dawson at the water tower.

Peering over the edge.

The Garner boys!

Hiking one of the trails.

Going up.

Dawson down in "the cave."

Cute little Brady.

Both boys at the cave.

Rock climbing.

There were so many of these big rocks to climb on and explore.

Taking a water break.

This was fun!  The trail actually crossed a stream so we had to rock hop to get over it.

Pond view.

Handsome Dawson climbing on a fallen tree.

The park had a great little playground.  This was fun to climb.

AWE!  :-)

Brady swinging, of course, which he could do for hours.

Dawson's fire, built entirely by him.

He's a great fire-builder! I'll have to take him with me on all camping endeavors.

Playing out by the RV.

And playing inside the RV.

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