Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Scout Camp-IN at the Houston Children's Museum

We had a great camp-in at the Houston Children's Museum with our scout group.  The sleeping situation was horrid (hard floor, lots of snoring, and a loud exhibit that kept going off every 30 minutes), but it was awesome to be able to explore the museum after hours when it wasn't crowded and we were among so many friends.

In the auditorium waiting for the fun to begin.

Are there any cuter kids?!?!  These guys were Lego building maniacs.

Making their own pinball machine.

Then testing it out.

Brady's masterpiece.

My kids always love this - pretending to shop and check out (and be the cashier) at the HEB.

A fun pulley system - though they had a hard time pulling their very heavy selves up.

Muscle man!

Trying to make it all the way to the end of the rock wall.

Always the highlight - this huge web, disc-shaped climbing structure.

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