Friday, March 11, 2016


I always wish I had taken more pictures of Epcot - of the sites around "the world" and the beautiful flower sculptures.  Epcot is one of my favorite parks, but the boys weren't as enthralled.  They were mainly tired from all the walking.  They did enjoy the rides, shows, and interactive exhibits.  And maybe next time we go they'll appreciate the wonders of the World Showcase area of Epcot.

The big silver "ball" at the entrance.

Randy and Dawson designing a car for Test Track.

Brady's car design.

Brady on the Test Track ride - before the really speedy part.

This was awesome!  The boys got to design their own rollercoaster and then hop in a simulated machine and test it out.  It was so cool!
Hanging out with Nemo and Dory.

In a clam shell for the Nemo ride.

"Fish are friends, not food."  But what about boys?

Dawson checking out the huge ray.

Trying to interact with the sea turtle.

Going for a ride though "the land."

Brady mimicking Goofy.

Dawson took this picture of Randy and I, just as we were starting our tour of the world.

This playground was awesome!  Brady loved climbing all over the ropes.

Testing his balance.

At the very top.

Making music.
Checking our map to see where we want to do our next mission to help Agent P defeat the evil Dr. Doofensmirtz.

One of their Agent P clues took them to this telephone booth.

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