Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cleburne State Park

We spent the second part of our camping trip at nearby Cleburne State Park.  The scenery was similar to Dinosaur Valley SP, but instead of a rushing river, there was a pretty serene lake.  We hiked, biked, fished, climbed trees, relaxed in the hammock, sat around the campsite, did some outdoor cooking, and enjoyed the time together as a family.

Such cute boys!

Out for an afternoon hike.

This stream was running through the trail.  We had to take off our shoes and walk through, which made for an extra fun hike.

Randy's turn.

More hot hiking.

A pretty hike along the lake.

Turtle on the trail.

Brady cozy in the hammock.

Taking in the view.


Dawson's fishing spot.

Feeding the wildlife.  Hehe!

This crazy squirrel ate right out of our hands.

Swinging boys.

Brady on the playground.

Dawson hanging out.

We hiked to the dam, which was SO COOL!

Awe, Brady.  It was a long, hot hike.

There had been a lot of rain in the week before so the water was really flowing over the dam.

Down by the dam.

Me and my guys.  :-)

Looking down over the waterfall.

Me and mini-me.

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