Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Family Reunion

My mom's family (all 6 kids, plus their many kids) had a family reunion at the Fort Worth Stockyards.  It was a great weekend for the adults and kids alike.  What a fun group!

The kids silly pose

Another one

All of the cousins

The kids taking a little break as we strolled through the stockyard.

Yum . . . snowcones

Watching the longhorns make their way down the street.

Getting instructions for the stockyard maze.

The boys at one of the check stations in the maze.
They did it!  Just like the Amazing Race contestants.  ;-)

A good perch to watch the cattle drive.

A perfectly normal occurrence - a longhorn walking through the parking lot of a hotel.

Cousin fun at the hotel pool.

Sweet Brady just hanging out in the pool.

We took a tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing while in Fort Worth.

My mom brought Dawson an amazing birthday present when she came - a big, fancy REI backpack for all of his Boy Scout and other outdoor adventures.

Relaxing in the hotel lobby before saying goodbye to everyone and heading home.

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