Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Awesome Guys

4th of July Parade

This year, Dawson and Seth were parade leaders for the 4th of July Parade in our neighborhood.  Brady opted out of riding his bike in the parade, so we sat and watched and waved at all the others in the parade.

The handsome flag bearers.

Leading the parade!

My parade-watching buddy.  :-)

Dawson at Boy Scout Camp!!!!

Dawson joined his Boy Scout Troop for summer camp at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch.  The report was that it was ridiculously HOT and the camp facilities were not the best, but it was good to have the experience and to work on earning some merit badges.  Next year, maybe Colorado - a cool mountain setting.  :-)

At camp, Dawson did Swimming MB, Canoeing MB, a good chunk of Geocaching MB, First Aid MB, and Fingerprinting MB.  He also partook in the "Bronco Patrol," which included instruction and activities within the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks.

My photos are limited, as I relied on Randy, who is not up to my massive photo taking and who was also occupied with training classes and meetings of his own.  So, here's what we have from the big week:

The guys from Troop 98 ready to head off to camp.

So sweet.  Brother hugs before Dawson leaves for a week.  Dawson was the brother saddest about the separation.

On the bus waiting to take off for Sid Richardson.

Dawson and Seth, bus buddies, scout buddies, life-long friends.

First day at camp.

Getting some good fuel at breakfast for the big day ahead.

Canoeing merit badge class.

Listening to the canoeing instructor.

Attentive boys.

Carrying their canoe to the water.

Out on the water.

There were a lot of canoes in a small space.

Solo canoe time.

Playing some chess while waiting for lunch.

Little Brother Week

Brady and I had a great week together while Randy and Dawson were at Boy Scout camp!

Going for a little hike on the trail by the Dinosaur Park.

Pizza at Schlotzskys.

This was Dawson's Lego set, but he told Brady he could build it while he was away at camp.

The finished product.

Playing at Candy Cane Park in Conroe.

Swinging on the giant mushroom.

Hopping and balancing.

Ready for the "obstacle course" playground.

Up on the spider ropes.

On top of the spider.

Ice cream mouth after enjoying a cone at Sweet Tomatoes.

Tired after our day in The Woodlands.

After running a mile, he found a great spot to sit and read his book.

Looking out over the lake by the walking trail.

Lunch on the patio at Mr. Hamburger!

A not-so-fun part of our week together - dentist appointment.

Cooling off at the Manor House Pool.  This was our "pool day."  We spent 3 hours at the Olympic Pool, then another hour and a half at the Manor House Pool.  Fun day!

Climbing in the trees by the splash pad.

Scootering around on the sidewalk.

And finally, cooling off at the city splash pad.

A special snow cone treat.

Playing Lego Bionicles all over the floor.  Gertrude even got in on the action.  :-)

School at Starbucks

Starbucks . . . one of my favorite places to do school.  :-)