Wednesday, August 17, 2016

State Park Hike

Our big state park activity was hiking 5 miles around Lake Abilene.  It was HOT and there weren't many trees for shade.  But the kids were awesome!  They walked and talked and trudged on.  Their favorite part was probably running as fast as they could down the hills.  And afterward, we cooled off at the state park pool.

All smiles here, only about a mile into the hike.  :-)

Ah, Brady!  He's just awesome!

A snack break at the lake, about halfway through our hike.

Cute little rabbit cooling off in a brief shady spot.

The long . . . . hot . . . out in the open . . . hike back.

These 2 were great hiking buddies - they hung together the whole time, talking all the while.  And I enjoyed hiking and talking with Dawson.

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