Saturday, October 29, 2016

One Cool Guy

Dewberry Farm

We look forward to our annual field trip to Dewberry Farm each year!  This year was as fun as always, partaking in all that Dewberry has to offer with a great group of H2O friends.

A highlight of Dewberry Farm - the corn maze!  :-)

And they're off!

The bouncy pillows are the best!

I call the hamster wheels. They are a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

Isaac, Dawson, and Ethan made theirs go so fast that it almost flipped over the hay bale at the end of the line.

Brady, Alex, and Everett had a blast.  They did it over and over and over again.

Brady on the zip line.

Hehe!  Dawson was just too tall for this little zip line.

Brady and Everett are off, racing down the slide.

Isaac and Dawson racing down the giant slide.

Big wheels racing.

Brady on the big pedal car.

And the not-so-big-just-average-wheels.

The "black mamba" - essentially a tube hanging from ropes that kids can hop on and ride as it swings.  Or, if your like Dawson and the other kids in our group, you can ride inside of the tube.

Brady very enthusiastically racing Everett at the rubber ducky races.
Dawson and Zane racing.
The big guys and their mini pumpkins.


They are SO CUTE!  Alex, Brady, and Everett show off their little pumpkins.

Another perfect day at Dewberry Farm.

Pack 98 Spook-o-Ree Camp-Out

We had our first Pack 98 camp-out of the new scout year.  It was "spook-o-ree" themed, so in addition to the hiking and other outdoor activities, we had a Halloween carnival and a pumpkin carving contest.  But what made the camp-out so very fun was the company of our wonderful Pack 98 families!

Dawson helping Jack set up his super cool army tent!

Building a campfire so the kids could make s'mores.
On a hike with the Wolf Den!  These guys are awesome!

Brady with his buddy Hayden.

There were lots of great areas for exploring and playing at our campgrounds.

Boys and sticks.  :-)

Stomp rocket launchers!

Brady and Sam squirting each other instead of the ping-pong balls.  Love the smiles and happiness!

This was only one of the many great carnival games that the scout's came up with.  I just didn't manage to take pictures of all of the others.


Will and Dawson serving as Acolytes at church one Sunday:

Troop Camp-Out at Brazos Bend

Troop 98 went camping at one of our favorite state parks - Brazos Bend.  They hiked on the many great trails, worked on orienteering skills, had some up-close alligator encounters, cooked some delicious meals, and enjoyed the hot, muggy outdoors.  :-)

A brief break (and a group picture) during the hike.
Our handsome Boy Scout!
One of many alligator sightings while hiking.

Waiting out the thunderstorm.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Money Pizza!!!

Nanny had such a creative way to give Brady some birthday money!

Angel Brady

Brady was enthralled with the lighting coming through the sunroof of Sandy's car.  He said it made him look like an angel.  :-)

Hiking Backpack

 Sporting his new hiking backpack from Granny!  Now we just need to go visit her in Virginia and hike some of the amazing trails there.

Brady's 8th Birthday

Brady's 8th birthday was full of his favorite things and we had a special day celebrating this sweet little guy.

We started the day with donuts for breakfast, as requested by the birthday boy.

Two cherry donuts lined up looks just like an "8."

Then it was present time!

They were all Legos!

He got this bladebuilder lightsaber from Angie and Kaelin.  So fun!

We saved his present from Dawson for last.

A big Minecraft Lego set, which Brady loved.

Pepperoni pizza with the pepperoni assembled to look like an "8."

Lots of Minecraft snacks and treats!  :-)

Brady asked for a "creeper" cake.

Blowing out his 8 candles.