Sunday, December 25, 2016

Martin Dies, Jr. State Park with the Scouts

We had a great fall camp-out with the Cub Scouts at Martin Dies, Jr. State Park.  The park is gorgeous, the weather was superb, and it was fun to explore and play with all of our scout friends!  We hiked, geocached, canoed, and cooked some great food.  Of course, the boys probably had the most fun climbing trees and playing with sticks.  :-)

Brady enjoying our lake view.

Scouts in trees.

The trees were equally fun in the dark.

A roaring fire and sunset over the lake = beautiful!

Ready for a hike!

Sam and Brady chatting on the hike.

One of the caches that they found while hiking.  Geocaching was new to many of them and they were enthralled.

Silly faces!  :-)

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