Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Six Flags

We took a quick day trip up to Arlington to go to Six Flags.

Family photo.

These two!!!  :-)

The entire park was decorated for Halloween.

Dawson and I on the giant pirate ship swing.

Brady's big brave act - riding the Texas Giant.  It got a "thumbs up."

Ready to ride the mini mine train.

In line for the Judge Roy Scream.

LOL!  Windblown after our rollercoaster ride.

Family selfie.

Log ride time.

SHSU Fall Festival

The SHSU Fall Festival has been a wonderful experience in years past.  But this year it was a bit of a let down because there were very few games for the kids to play.  Here are the few pictures I took at the event:

Dawson trying to toss the beanbag into the bucket while wearing the very difficult to see through police goggles.

Bean bag toss.

Football toss.


Sand art.

A bit of cotton candy.

First Aid Skills in the Webelos Den

Randy did a great job teaching First Aid skills to Brady and his Webelos Den.  He has the knowledge, experience, and training - and lots and lots of cool equipment that the scouts could use.

Practicing the beat to use for CPR compressions.  This was either the tune of "Another One Bites the Dust" or "Achy Breaky Heart."  Hehehe!!

Brady's turn to practice compressions on the dummy.

Learning how to use an AED.

Dawson was fortunate (or not so fortunate?) to be in the Webelos Den for the Heimlich lesson, where he was the Guinea pig that everyone practiced on.

Bracing for it.

I love the expressions here!!  :-)

Brady was very enthusiastic about the opportunity to squeeze his brother.

Family Fun Day in the Neighborhood

This was the 2nd year that our neighborhood hosted a "Family Fun Day" on Columbus Day.  While the boys didn't do too many of the crafts, they had a blast running around and playing with so many neighborhood friends, and liked all of the food.

Rock painting.

The best kind of craft is an edible craft.  This was Brady's decorated cookie.

Playground fun.

Dawson pretty much played football the entire time.

Good football times.

Hot, sweaty, tired, and hungry.  Thankfully, there were plenty of hot dogs. 

Battle of the Pineywoods

Randy got free tickets to the Sam Houston Battle of the Pineywoods at Reliant Stadium.  Dawson enjoyed every moment.  Brady was enthusiastic for about the 1st quarter.  ;-)  Sam Houston won, which made it more exciting. 

When We Can't Watch the Cowboys on TV

Because the Texans are playing a home game and that's the only football game on TV, real Cowboys fans go somewhere where they can watch the game.  In our case, it was Buffalo Wild Wings, where we enjoyed sitting on the patio, chowing down and cheering on the Cowboys.

Dawson and Brady in their Cowboy attire.  Brady insisted on wearing the thermal hat even though it was like 85 degrees.

And he had such a nice hair-do when he took it off.

More H2O Class Pictures

Dawson and Brady have been enjoying their classes at H2O this semester.  Here are some pictures of some of the things that they have been doing in classes: 

Checking out one of the snakes that the honors students brought from the SHSU biology lab.

Examining and taking notes on some of the amphibians from the bio lab.

More critter observations.

Dissecting an owl pellet.

A bird's skull that was found in one of the pellets.

Brady learning about robot programming in Robotics.

The kids seeing if they can program the mouse to make it to the cheese.

Brady's turn.

Awe!  He so loves it when I take his picture in class.

Building their Lego robot.

It works!

Brady's self portrait from art class.  Apparently, he's being swarmed by mosquitoes.
Painting his leaf rubbings.

The final product.

School Time with Gertie

Gertrude's favorite place to be during school time is sprawled out on Brady's desk.  This leaves him very little writing room, but he refuses to scoot her off.