Thursday, January 5, 2017

15 Mile Hike

Dawson is working on the Hiking Merit Badge for Scouts.  He's had to learn a slew of first aid things and has to go on several hikes (planning and preparing for each one and then writing a summary afterwards).  So far, he's completed the 5-mile hike, 3 separate 10-mile hikes, and now the 15-mile hike.  The only hike remaining is the big whopping 20-mile hike. 

 His friend, Ben, from Scouts is also working on the Hiking Merit Badge, so the 3 of us all went for a long 15-mile hike on the Lone Star Hiking Trail.  Randy dropped us off at Stubblefield Campground in New Waverly and we trekked all the way back to our house in Huntsville.  The boys were great hikers, as usual.  They kept a steady pace, had good conversations, and enjoyed the sites.  We finished in 5 hours and 16 minutes, tired and sore, but also happy.

Heading out!

The obstacles along the trail are always fun.

It's a pretty trail.

They were so good about posing for pictures for me.

We had to hike on a road for a bit, complete with cattle guard.

A snack and a rest.

A brief stop once we made it to the Elkins neighborhood.

It was a 3 mile hike through the neighborhood to get back home.

Home at last.  Only a little tired. Hehehe.

Nerf War at the Park

When you  and your friends get Nerf guns for Christmas, a Nerf war at the park is in order. 

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016 was a great Christmas!  It always is with these two wonderful boys.  They get so excited and they are always extremely grateful.  So while I overdid it again this year, they were very sweet and happy and thankful for all of it.  And we made more precious memories this Christmas.

After Christmas Eve service at church and a ride through the neighborhood to marvel at Christmas lights, the boys got in their pajamas and opened 1 present early (one of our Christmas traditions).

Football minis for our football fan.

A little Lego set for our Lego man.

Christmas morning "Santa" present.

Big, giant Lego sets!!!

Randy and Brady  :-)

Brady's present to Dawson started with a small box with a note in it telling him that his real present was upstairs.

Brady gave Dawson ALL of the camping gear that he won in Cub Scouts for being the top popcorn seller.  It was a tent, sleeping pad, and mummy sleeping bag.

Happy boys!  Brady loved giving Dawson his present and Dawson was amazed at Brady's generosity.

New books! I love that Dawson loves getting new books.

A new video game for each.

Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies, which he had been pining for.

New movies are always great!

Brady was happily surprised to get this Lego set.

Dawson was shocked to get a big Star Wars Lego set.

Displaying their new Star Wars Lego sets.

Even though it was 80 degrees on Christmas, Dawson still wore his new Cowboys sweater all day.  Go Cowboys!