Friday, March 10, 2017

Bamboo Climber

Oh, the joy of climbing in the bamboo.  ;-)

Candy Cane Park

We love this park!

Blue & Gold Banquet

The Pack 98 Blue & Gold Banquet was especially enjoyable this year.  The committee did a fantastic job planning and running it and I actually had the amazing opportunity to just sit back and enjoy it.  I am so thankful for that!  Brady had a good time with his scout friends and he was awarded his Bear Rank badge, which made the evening very special.

Boys gathering to watch the roping demonstration.

Playing a few games.  This one was "snake in my boot."
Brady's rainbow layers candy cake for the cake run.

Brady after getting his Bear badge!!  :-)

Aquarium Field Trip

A homeschool field trip to the Houston Aquarium is always a good time!  This one was especially great, as the weather was beautiful, we spent the time there with good friends, and even ate at the restaurant.

I love a big group of homeschool kids!  :-)

Family picture at the fountain.

The Garner boys.

Dawson & Lincoln on the Lighthouse Dive. This was Dawson's favorite ride and the one he rode over and over again.

Sweet Brady on the carousel.

Riding the Ferris Wheel with friends.

Silly boys.

Another round on the Ferris Wheel.

Ready for the shark train.

My beautiful company on the train ride.

Petting stingrays.

Up close with the eel.

Walking through one of the rooms in the aquarium.

The colorful coral reef.


I love the design of this aquarium. Dawson was pointing out a puffer fish, which was really neat to see.


This captures their personalities perfectly!

Fun in the Sun . . . and Sand

The sand-filled volleyball court at Sonic can be fun in so many different ways.

Pinewood Derby

The Pack 98 Pinewood Derby, was super fun, as usual.  This year, Brady designed his own car and helped with every step in the process of making it.  It was nice to see his enthusiasm and efforts pay off - he won 3rd place in his Bear Den.

The scouts in the Bear Den sitting in the racers box, waiting to watch their cars speed down the track.

Brady's car, which he named "The Bullet."

3rd Place!  Woo-hoo!!

Crazy Hair


12 Year Old!!!

I cannot believe we have a 12 YEAR OLD!!  It's crazy.  And wonderful.  Dawson is amazing and such a blessing.

The big 12, the last year before he's officially a teenager (eek!).

Celebrating with friends at Sky Zone (Ben, Will, & Seth).

And at Incredible Pizza.

Laser tag time.

Birthday cupcakes.

Lego Creations

A common sight in our house: Lego creations by Brady.

Lego robot

In its normal form

Converted to its car form  :-)

Some sort of fort

Jesus alive again