Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Pictures

Pictures of everyone all dressed up for Easter:

Easter Egg Hunts

It was a 2 Easter egg hunt kind of a morning.  We started with our neighborhood egg hunt and then went to the community Easter egg hunt at the Wynne Home.  Fun times!

Brother picture before the egg hunt began.

These 2 cuties have been doing the neighborhood egg hunt together for years.

Seth & Dawson have been egg hunting together even longer.

Bucket heads!

Brady did awesome! He got lucky and amassed lots of eggs with dollar bills in them. He ended up with $9, some change, and lots of candy. He also found 2 tennis balls - he gave 1 to his brother (so sweet) - which they turned into the tennis association for special prizes.

I love this part of the egg hunt, when the kids examine their loot and make trades with each other.

Sammy the Bearkat was at the Wynne Home Easter celebration, and the boys reluctantly (but still cutely) posed for a picture for me.

Goofy Bucket Head this time.

Brady and Cy in their ready-for-the-egg-hunt race positions.

Brady looking in his eggs.

Randy and Dawson checking out Dawson's bounty.

A nice, cozy marble recliner.

State Park Hike

We are fortunate to have such a great state park right down the road.  One beautiful afternoon, we headed out there for a family hike.
Playing on the logs before we started the hike.

Brady is obviously ready to go.  ;-)

A caterpillar on one of the trail signs.

This is how Brady "hikes" - he sprints, then walks, then sprints, then walks.

It's always fun to stop and climb on fallen trees.

A short break and photo with my guys.

Hot and sweaty and done.

Randy and Dawson, post hike.

Chilis with Friends

A dinner date with the Green Family is a real treat!

The "littles" - Weston, Emma, and Brady.  Their conversations were silly and hilarious.

Dawson & Taylor.  They are so stinkin' cute!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Adventures with Angie & Kaelin

There are always many adventures to be had when these 2 are in town!