Saturday, August 19, 2017

Garner State Park

We had always wanted to go to Garner State Park and we finally made it out there!  It's easy to see why it is such a popular state park.  It's very pretty, the hiking is fantastic, and the water is clear and cool.

The Garners at Garner!  :-)

On our first day there, we went on a mini hike by the Frio River.  Brady snapped this picture of Randy and me.

Rock hopping to get across the river.

Seeing how big of a splash they could make with their rocks.

Skipping rocks.

Playing in the water.  Look how clear it is!!  It was a nice change from the muddy, murky water we are accustomed to around here.

If there was a rock anywhere along our hike, Brady would climb it.

Hammock time.

I love that Dawson can cook supper for us when we go camping (over a fire that he built).  Here, he's keeping an eye on some delicious fajita foil packets.

On our second day, we hiked up the iconic Mt. Baldy.

Almost up one of the steeper parts of the trail.

Hiking amidst the cedar trees.

Enjoying the beautiful view along the way.

Thankfully, Randy has long arms and can take a selfie of the entire family.  :-)


We would have never considered throwing rocks at the park visitors below if we hadn't seen this sign . . .

More remarkable views as we got closer to the top.

At the summit.

We made it!!

The boys on the rock pile at the summit.  They placed a rock on top as well.

Randy and the boys.

It was windy and chilly at the top.  Brr!

Brady being cute and silly.

Heading down the mountain.  On our way down, we saw mountain goats!!  They were huge!  And very agile, as they ran and leaped down the rocky mountain.  It was incredible to see them!  Dawson said that was the best part of the entire trip.

Hanging out by one of the caves along the trail.

A brief rest on the rock wall.
More pretty mountaintop views.
In this picture, you can see Mt. Baldy in the distance - and how far we've hiked since leaving the tippy top.
Wading into the Frio River.  It was very frio.
Swimming in the crystal clear water.
There were rope swings all along the banks of the opposite side.  Such fun!
It's really hard to tell in this picture because it was dark and I didn't want to get too close so I zoomed in big time - but this is a porcupine.  I saw it on 2 early morning runs at Gardner.  Along with armadillo and jack rabbits galore.
Garner boys by yet another Garner State Park sign.
Our turn.
The Garner Grill.  We ate here the first day we arrived - the burgers and chicken sandwiches were delish!
Another day, we hiked to Crystal Cave.
Heading in.
It was really neat to go in and explore this little cave.
At the top of another of Garner's mountains.
Brady is tired of all the hiking already.  ;-)

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