Saturday, August 19, 2017

Kayaks and Paddleboards

I have been pining away for a paddleboard for ages, and this year I got one for Mother's Day. It is AMAZING!!  I love it.  We tried it out for the first time at Elkins lake, along with Dawson's new kayak.  I foresee both of these being a big part of our RV trips and explorations.

Randy and Dawson hauling the kayak to the lake, while Brady carries the bag of life jackets and such.

Such a cutie pie!

Ready to paddle.

It's just the right size for the 2 of them.

They paddled in near perfect unison.  It was neat to watch.

The boys in the kayak and me on the super duper awesome paddleboard.


After a while, Dawson did all the paddling while Brady lounged.

Dawson was eager to try out the paddleboard too.  This was a first for both of us and neither of us fell!

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