Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Chess Tournament

Dawson participated in a local youth Chess Tournament at one of the schools in town (his very first chess tournament) and placed 2nd!!  

Dawson and his friend, Ben, before the tournament.  Twinkie!  And they didn't even plan it.

Dawson's first match, and the only one that he lost (the other boy was the 1st place winner).

Dawson hung in there for a while, but lost in the end.

Another enthralling round of chess.

And another.  
I didn't think Dawson would win this one because he lost his Queen, but he apparently used that as a strategy and it paid off because he won.

Accepting his 2nd place trophy.

Dawson got 2nd place and Ben got 4th.  They both did very well!

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