Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Big Thirteen!!

We are now the parents of a TEENAGER!!  Dawson turned thirteen.  He didn't want much for his birthday - just to have a couple of friends over to play football and games and spend the night, and then to have a relaxing day at home with his family, opening presents and enjoying playing with/reading/etc. all that he received.

AWE! Thirteen year old Dawson.

Waiting to blow out his thirteen candles.

Dawson, Seth, and Ben.  Thankful that Dawson has such good friends!

Ready to play some football!

Dawson and Brady on Dawson's actual birthday.

Dawson got a cell phone for Christmas (talk and text only - no data), and then this certificate on his birthday for 6 months of paid service.  After that, he has start paying his monthly bill.

Sherlock Holmes books.

And a new bike.

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