Saturday, May 19, 2018

Caddo Lake State Park

We visited 3 state parks on this RV trip - Caddo, Martin Creek Lake, & Purtis Creek.  We started with Caddo State Park, which is on a portion of Caddo Lake, the only natural lake in the entire state of Texas.  The areas of the lake that are thick with bald cypress trees are especially fascinating.  We hiked the few trails at state park, but our greatest endeavor was completing a 9 mile canoe trail (Hells Half Acre Paddling Trail).

Brady at the state park store.

Hmm . . . meditative balancing??


We had to hike up lots of stone steps to get to this nice little stone wall.

Air Brady!

Before taking a picture of Dawson and me, he had to take a selfie.

At the CCC rec hall.

One of the docks at the lake.

A common site when we are camping - Dawson sitting in his camp chair, reading.

Brady tired of the pictures already!

Sitting at our pretty campsite.

Brady and Randy in their canoe.

Dawson was my canoe buddy and he was excellent!

We were a good team.  We only ran into 1 tree, which is pretty impressive considering how thick the trees were in the lake.

At the paddling trail turnaround, there was a primitive campground, where we got out to stretch our legs and have a picnic lunch.

Our canoes beached at the campground.

Heading back to the state park.  The whole 9 mile paddling trail took us about 5 hours (including our lunch break).

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