Saturday, May 19, 2018

Camp Food

When asking the boys what they like most about our RV trips, the yummy foods that we eat were at the top of both of their lists!  I'm with them - campout food is the best!  I enjoy cooking our favorites and trying out new recipes.  I've found that food cooked over a fire or in a dutch oven is especially delicious.

Foil packets are scrumptious!  These were corn cobs, potatoes, and broccoli (yes, broccoli over a campfire is good - oh, so good!)

Randy has this great dutch oven with numerous parts that also serves as a grill.  These steaks were perfect!

Dutch oven peach cobbler.

Presentation is part of the fun and these baskets with their checkered liners were a big hit.

No campout is complete with s'mores.  I prefer Reese's bars to Hershey bars in mine.  Yummy!

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