Saturday, May 19, 2018

Martin Creek Lake State Park

Martin Creek Lake State Park is a small state park with a small-ish lake and a few hiking trails.  We had an awesome campsite here - it was at the top of a hill overlooking the lake and it was a huge site with lots of room.  We hiked all of the trails here, but weren't able to go out on the lake because it was so windy and choppy.  We had campfires both nights and some really great cooked-over-the-fire food.  We also enjoyed a family movie night - RV with Robin Williams, which had the boys laughing out loud.  Good times!

Family selfie in front of the sign at the entrance.

A picture on the bridge that goes to the island trail.

Crossing the lake to hike the island trail (where they also have primitive campsites).

Such a tempting tree to climb.

Hiking along.

Me & Dawson.  If I stand on my toes, I'm as tall as him.  ;-)

Randy found a pair of Oakley sunglasses on the trail.

Brady always, always, always likes swinging.  And also leaping off the swings.

Brady's perfect hammock spot.  When we were at the campsite, he was often in his hammock.

Sitting on a bridge along one of the hiking trails.

Yea, a picture with my boys!

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