Saturday, May 19, 2018

Meridian State Park

Meridian State Park is a wonderful little state park.  It's small, but sweet, with plenty to do.  We hiked all of the trails, canoed and paddleboarded in the lake, and did lots of bike riding.  

Brady is always happy to see cedar trees because they are great for climbing.

Hanging out by the lake.

At the CCC refectory, with a pretty view of the lake in the background.

Bike riding.  There was a nice sized loop through the state park (complete with several steep hills) that the boys and I rode around several times.

Bike pit stop at the bird viewing blind.

Another bike pit stop - this time at a neat little sheter-ish area in the rock.

Looking out over a rock overhang. 

There were still bluebonnets (and lots of other pretty wildflowers).

Randy helping Brady with some compass navigation.

Randy going off trail, down into a dried up creekbed.

We had lots of fun exploring down in the creekbed.

Running and leaping over the rocks.

Hanging out in another cedar tree, of course.

Hiking around the lake.

One of the lake views along the trail.

These rocky areas of the trails were the best.

A tree along the lake provided a nice resting spot for Brady to enjoy the view.
Awe!  I love him!

This picture makes me laugh because Randy missed getting Brady in the family selfie (you can just barely see the tippy-top of his head).

A brief rest along the trail.

Dawson relaxing at the campsite.

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