Saturday, May 19, 2018

Purtis Creek State Park

We really liked Purtis Creek State Park.  The campsites are great - woody and secluded.  And we had a campsite with a private trail down to the lake where we could easily put in our kayak and paddleboard.  There weren't many trails, but we did them all.  We also biked, kayaked, and paddleboarded.  We saw lots of wildlife at this state park - wild hogs (running through the edge of our campground, and then again while we were hiking on one of the trails), deer, snakes, and blue herons.  

They are so cute!  And so kind to continuously pose for me.  :-)

A great picture of Randy and the boys.

Heading back to our campsite after kayaking on the lake.

A heron perched in one of the MANY trees out in the lake.

We paddled pretty close before he flew away.

Taking a picture of Brady taking a picture of a dead milk snake.

When I tell the boys I want to take a picture and Brady pulls out his ipod to take a selfie.

So silly!  But he does make us smile and laugh.

We found the perfect sitting tree.

While riding bikes, Brady saw this heron and wanted to get a closer look.

Again, got pretty close before the heron took off.

Oh, Brady.  He is a big sweater just like me.  It looks like he dumped water on himself, but it's all sweat.  Eew!

Dawson & Randy coming back from kayaking.

Resting after a full day of hiking, biking, and kayaking.

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