Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Guadalupe River State Park

We were supposed to camp at Guadalupe River State Park, but an extreme drought resulted in the entire park having no running water.  So we opted for a half-day trip there instead.  I'm sure it's lots of fun when the Guadalupe River is full and flowing, but it was pretty sad this time to see the water level so low.  There was no way to do a float trip or go paddleboarding, and even swimming in the river was difficult - it was so shallow that most of the people were just sitting in it.  Perhaps we'll return another time when we can enjoy some river fun.

Randy took a picture of me trying to get a picture of the boys.

And there it is - the boys in front of the Guadalupe River.

Me and the boys.

Brady at one of the exhibits in the Nature Center.  There was a lot to see, touch, and explore at the little Nature Center.

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