Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Longhorn Caverns

One way to cool off on a hot June day is to go into a cave!  Longhorn Cavern was more than just cool - it was a fascinating tour.  Lots of cool formations and a very interesting history.  For instance, it got its name because Longhorn cattle kept falling into it.  And in the 20's, there was a dance club inside the cave - they showed us the stage and bar area and how they lowered down food from the kitchen above.  It's a deep cave that goes under the Colorado River.  And there's an underground lake in the cave.  Such a neat place.

We also enjoyed looking around at the old CCC buildings while we were there.  Longhorn Caverns is a wonderful state park.

Dawson in the middle of the compass that's on top of the CCC refectory.

Brady peeping out one of the windows in the CCC observation tower.

Looking at the views from the top of the observation tower.

A castle in the middle of the hill country.

Ready for our cave tour.

Under the natural bridge, listening to the ranger give an introduction before we go into the cave.

It's a bat!

Another bat.

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