Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Pretty hike at Colorado Bend State Park

The hike we took along the river at Colorado Bend is one of our all-time favorite Texas state parks hikes.  Very pretty scenery with lots of fun river crossings.

A brotherly chat as they hike along.  Love it!

These are 2 great hikers.

Me and my sweet Brady.

Looking down on the river.

One of our many river crossings.  It was fun to find a path of rocks to step on / jump to as we made our way across.

A nice shady canopy as we hiked along, which was very welcome on this hot summer day.


A nice spot to rest.

River crossing.

Brady would go back and forth across the same spot on the river.

And see how fast he could do it.  :-)

Which was pretty fast.

This was a nice perch above the river.

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