Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Six Flags

A family trip to Six Flags, making use of our season passes!  The crowds were surprisingly low so we got to ride our favorite rides a few times.  If only it hadn't been so stinkin' hot (maybe that's why it wasn't too crowded).

Dawson loves every single rollercoaster, the bigger and faster the better.  This time, he rode the Titan, Texas Giant, Batman, Mr. Freeze, Joker, and Sky Screamer, some of them multiple times.  Brady is not so keen on rollercoasters, but he did like the Texas Giant a lot and also the Pandemonium.  And there were a few moderate rides that both boys enjoyed.  

Freedom Fest at the park.  Six Flags opened an hour early for season pass holders to ride a few of the rides.

On the bobsled ride (I can't remember the official name - it's always bee the bobsled ride to me).  It's a fun family ride.

The Conquistador.
Riding the Conquistador with the boys.

The Pandemonium - a roller coaster where you spin as you go up and down and around the curves.

Mine train.

Brady in line for the Batman car ride, the easygoing ride he rode while Randy or I rode the thrill rides with Dawson.

Up in the air.

Cooling off in the mister.

Wet, but cool.

Dawson and Randy about to head onto Mr. Freeze (my favorite!!).

On Mr. Freeze, hanging up in the air for a moment before plunging down.  Good times.

The Sky Screamer, which I rode with Dawson for the second time.  Each time I said I would NOT ride it again.  It's terrifying being so high in a little chair.

Everyone - even Brady - liked the Texas Giant.  We rode it several times.

Daffy Duck Brady.

Bugs Bunny Brady.

Bugs Bunny Dawson.

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