Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Brady is TEN!!!

Brady is double digits!  He had a great day celebrating the big 10.  He got the day off from school, picked all the meals for the day, opened his 10 birthday presents, and enjoyed relaxing and playing.  I hope this "year of ten" is an especially good one for Brady, full of learning and growing, lots of special times with his family, developing good friendships, and just really enjoying and feeling grateful for the wonderful life that he has.

His birthday breakfast request - scrambled eggs, biscuits, powdered donuts, and strawberries. 


His gift from Dawson - a Roblox gift card and a pack of Bubble Yum.

Sweet brothers.

Present 1: Guidebook for Splatoon (a video game).

Present 2: Water bottles.

Present 3: Sonic video game.

Time to open a big one!

Present 4: Plain blue bedding set (he was insistent that it be "plain" - no more character bedding for him) and a sleep mask, which he was really excited about.

Present 5: Black Panther DVD.

Present 6: Lego pizza food truck.  So fun!

Present 7: Books - a couple of Big Nate (ugh) and the 39 Clues box set.

Present 8: Two new Star Wars Legos sets.

The super duper big present.

Present 9: A cozy, fuzzy disc chair.

The last present.

Present 10: Glofish aquarium!!

Poor Dawson was feeling really sick on Brady's birthday.

He could have gone anywhere for his birthday lunch.  And he chose Whataburger.

A good burger and fries.

Picking out his glofish.

The proud owner of 4 glofish.

Watching his fish explore their new home.

He loves his fish.

Instead of cake, he wanted pie.  Pumpkin pie.

Blowing out his birthday candle.

Birthday Celebration with Friends

It's been a long time since Brady requested any kind of "friend birthday party" so when he asked for a birthday sleepover with a couple of friends this year, we were happy to accommodate.  Cy and Haden spent the night on Friday and then we went to The Woodlands for some fun activities on Saturday.

3 friends and a birthday cake.

Blowing out his TEN candles.

Very happy about getting a new Lego set.

And some new Roblox figures.

At Sky Zone

Ready to jump.

Incredible Pizza time!

Brady got to spin the birthday wheel.  He won an extra $5 game card.

They were all fascinated with this key lock game (which was a total ripoff).

Playing games.

Another of their favorite games.

Brady won the jackpot!!

Ready to play laser tag.

Cowboys Training Camp

The boys and I did something VERY exciting - we attended the Dallas Cowboys Training Camp at The Star in Frisco!!!  It was awesome!  We hope to make it a tradition and go watch the Cowboys train every year.

We went to Frisco after school one day and were able to stay the night at Julie & Casey's.  It was so nice to spend some time with them, even though it was too short.  We got up bright and early the next morning so that we could get a good spot in line to await training camp.  We also joined the fan club, Cowboys United, to get early entry.  That enabled us to get front row seats so that we had a good view of the players practicing.  We were also able to get a few autographs after practice - Dalton Schultz (TE), Chris Brown (punter), & Sean Lee (LB).