Saturday, August 4, 2018

Good Times in Brenham

I love Brenham - a nice small-ish town surrounded by beautiful countryside, lots of family fun, and home to the best ice cream in the country!  One of our Summer Bucket List items was to have a "Brenham Fun Day" - play at Horseshoe Junction and stop by the Blue Bell Country Store for some ice cream.  It was a perfect day!

Yes!  I got them both to wear the adorable little Blue Bell hats for this picture.

Family picture.

Friend picture.

Friend picture.  Awe!!  :-)

Ice cream!! (Dawson is so sad because he's one of those weird people that doesn't like ice cream.)

Dawson and Cy ready for go-kart-ing.

Seth's favorite thing was the go-karts. 

Tonia had the best driving partner.

Randy did lots of go-kart driving too.

Dawson & Cy climbing up the rock wall.

Dawson at the top.

Tonia and Amos climbing.

Randy and I climbed too.

Made it to the top.

Brady & Seth waiting to jump.

This was Brady's favorite thing.

The bumper boats were loads of fun - and extremely wet.

Brady & Cy going after Tonia & Amos.

The geyser made for even more wet fun.

The mini golf course was super.  This was an especially fun hole - we all shot our balls into the little water channel where they flowed down to the hole.

Here comes Dawson's golf ball.

Another good one - shooting the ball under the house, where it would then pop out the side and hopefully roll near the hole.

Up the stair steps to the hole.

The end of the course.

Playing a few arcade games.

Brady trying to get the bonus.
We also played laser tag, but I didn't get any pictures of that.  We did everything at Horseshoe Junction, many of the attractions multiple times.  It was hours of fun!

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