Sunday, November 4, 2018

Homeschool Basketball

Dawson joined a homeschool basketball team this year and is really enjoying it.  Go Huntsville Mavericks!


Halloween was celebrated with food, some little gifts, and trick-or-treating.

Monster donuts.

Brady's Halloween gift bag.

A couple of books, little Roblox figure, and a bag of Snickers.

Dawson's  Halloween's gift bag.

Same thing - a couple of books, a Roblox figure, and his favorite Halloween candy - candy corn.

Lunch was "finger dogs," carrot sticks, and spiderweb sugar cookies.

And supper was a jack-o-lantern chicken pot pie.

Brady was able to trick-or-treat a little before the storms rolled into town.

Webelos Camp-In at Space Center Houston

Randy took Brady and the Webelos to Space Center Houston for a camp-IN.  They toured the exhibits, watched videos, programmed robots, built and launched rockets, and slept under the stars (lights in the ceiling).  

Fall Hike with Friends

One of the best ways to enjoy a beautiful fall day is to go on a hike.  Dawson and I met up with the Pendley family to hike the 7 mile trail at the Huntsville State Park.

Fall Festival

We were looking for a fall festival in town to attend and decided to try the fall festival fundraiser for Faith Lutheran.  It was great!  Lots of fun games, enjoyed in the company of sweet friends.

Hornaday Weekend

Dawson attended a Hornaday Weekend at Lost Pines Scout Reservation, where he learned a bit more about what's involved in earning the prestigious Hornaday Award, and worked on a few nature / conservation focused merit badges.