Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas Cookie Decorating

Another year of our much-loved Christmas cookie decorating tradition with the Brown and Heinemann families!

Abilene Christmas

Christmas in Abilene was great, as usual!  It was fun spending time with family, and the boys were lavished with gifts, which they thoroughly appreciated.

The Jaguar

We were driving by a ranch on the way to my dad's house when we spotted something very unusual - a giant stuffed jaguar placed outside the fence, seemingly guarding the cattle.  Or maybe stalking them.  Either way, it was a funny sight to see.

Christmas Lights

We went with Elizabeth and family to this great little walk-through Christmas light exhibit at the State School in Abilene.

I found the porta-potties decorated with lights especially hilarious and Dawson humored me by taking a picture in front of them.  :-)

Prairie Dogs

When in Abilene, we almost always stop at Red Bud Park.  They have running trails and a fantastic playground, but the real highlight is the prairie dogs.  Brady got up-close to this one little guy (or gal?).

Cooper Lake State Park

During Thanksgiving week, Brady and I spent a couple of nights "camping" in a cabin at Cooper Lake State Park. We had a lakeside cabin and enjoyed the beautiful view.  We hiked, played at the playground, built campfires, watched sunsets, gazed at the stars, and really enjoyed our time together at Cooper Lake SP.

Me and Brady and the ladybug.

Brady spent lots of time climbing around on the rocks that lined the shore by the cabins.

Enjoying the view.

Brady did an excellent job with the campfire.

Sweet boy.

There were lots of funny moments on our hike.

Shoes caked in mud.

Brady caught this little frog - and later put it in my hair.

Mile 5 of our 10 mile hike.  Halfway done!

Curved trees make the best rest stops.

The end of a long day's hike.  This was Brady's second 10-mile hike, and he did great!

Spinning on this thing was probably his favorite thing to do at the playground.

Brady and another boy from a nearby campsite, who had fun playing together one evening.

Campfire #2.

Brady's marshmallow boat creation.

Launching his marshmallow boat in the lake.

A beautiful Texas sunset.

Sunday, November 17, 2019


It was another fun Halloween with these cuties.  We had fun Halloween-themed meals, of course.  We gave the boys little Halloween gifts.  Dawson had basketball practice, but thankfully, Brady agreed to trick-or-treating (mainly because I got all sentimental on him about how sad it will be when I no longer have "little" kids that want to trick-or-treating).

Big breakfast feast, including "monster" donuts.

The goods from Brady's Halloween bag.

Dawson's Halloween loot.

Supper was jack-o-lantern and ghost burgers.  And, oh-so-yummy pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies and candy-coated Halloween pretzel sticks for desert.

An easy, no-prep costume - a "runner."  :-)

Trick-or-treating with Brady.

Pillowcase full of candy.

Of course, I had to organize the candy.