Friday, January 4, 2019

Arrow of Light Ceremony

Brady earned the Cub Scout's highest award, the Arrow of Light, and was recognized at a special Arrow of Light ceremony, along with this fellow Webelos Scouts.

On the bridge, pre-ceremony.

Listening as the Cubmaster describes the important Arrow of Light award.

This was the best part!  After the scouts were handed their arrow, they had to pass it through the flame to see if they were worthy.  Randy had put some magic paper on the tip of the arrows so that it ignited in a huge flash when the boys passed it through the flame.

Holding their new arrows.

Preparing to cross over the bridge, as a symbolic gesture of leaving Cub Scouts behind and crossing over to Boy Scouts.

Giving a wave as he crossed the bridge.


Father and son.

With our new Boy Scout.

These 6 made the journey from Tiger Scout to Arrow of Light scout together.  All those sweet years together!

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