Friday, January 4, 2019

Thanksgiving RV Trip

We continued the tradition of a Thanksgiving RV trip.  This year, we went to Lake Bob Sandlin State Park and Lake Tawakoni State Park, both in Northeast Texas.  The fall foliage was pretty, but it was freezing cold!  We still had a wonderful time - and enjoyed lots of warm, blazing campfires.  

Heading out in the RV.

A quick stop at Buccees. 

 Lake Bob Sandlin State Park:

Our first day hike at Lake Bob Sandlin.

Brady and Randy.

A bird blind along the trail.

A brooding teenager.

Randy and I at one of the little ponds along the trail.

One of the neat Christmas scenes that the state park had set up in the park.

Brady inserted himself into the set-up and pretended to warm his hands by the fake fire.

Playing at the playground.

Brady is pointing to a big walking stick that we found at our campsite.

Brady building a campfire for me so I could cook our supper.

It's hard to see, but Brady made an itty-bitty mini smores'.

Day 2 hike at Bob Sandlin.

All of the Garner boys.

A nice spot to take a break along the trail.

One of the pretty tree-lined ponds.

Brady getting some instruction on the proper football throwing technique.

Football in the street.

A family game of Exploding Kittens.

Brady's facial expressions crack me up!

 Lake Tawakoni State Park:

Pretty fall colors and a leaf-strewn trail at our second state park, Lake Tawakoni.

Bundled up for the chilly hike.

A cool find - a tee-pee type shelter.

Brady in the tee-pee.

There were several good climbing trees.

A nice lake view.

A peaceful moment by the lake.

It didn't last long, and was quickly followed by tickling or wrestling or some other such brotherly love behavior.

Brady building a log-cabin fire.

Lighting the fire.

Looking good!  Another great fire-by-Brady.

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