Saturday, February 9, 2019


In honor of Dawson's birthday, a few pictures from when he was just a little guy:

14 Years Old

Dawson is now FOURTEEN!  And not just an average 14 year old, but an amazing 14 year old!  We're so proud of him and are looking forward to seeing all the great things he accomplishes this year.

Dawson's Birthday

Dawson had lots of celebrations for his birthday this year.  He had a couple of friends sleepover and they watched Avengers movies, played football and basketball, card games, and video games.  He had a family celebration and enjoyed having the day off from school, opening gifts, and just relaxing at home.  Then he had his favorite celebration of all - a big flag football game with friends.  He said it was his best birthday ever.

Friend Sleepover:

Seth & Ben came over for a sleepover, but this is the only picture that I managed to get of their time together - our stop at Bahama Bucks before taking them home.

Family Birthday:

Present time - a couple of video games.

I don't remember what was going on here, but I love the expression on Brady's face.
He got some basketball clothes.

Dawson let Brady open one of his presents.

The big one was last.

A Bluetooth chair.
Look at all those candles!

Flag Football Party:

A great group of guys came to play football.  The game ended in a tie.  They even played an overtime quarter, but that too ended in a tie.  So everyone was a winner!  :-)

Basketball Lessons

Dawson has been taking extra basketball lessons to improve his skills and help his team.  He has a great coach, has been enjoying the lessons, and is getting better at basketball.

First College Class

Dawson starting his first college class.
(Not a very exciting picture, as it's an online class.)