Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Day at Yellowstone

While we were staying in Jackson, Wyoming, we took a day to drive to and visit Yellowstone National Park.  Once again, we marveled at the snow everyone.  We watched Old Faithful erupt (twice) and also visited several other geysers, mud pots, and steaming holes of brightly colored water.  We splurged on lunch at the Old Faithful Inn.  We saw some gorgeous waterfalls and some beautiful frozen, snow-covered lakes.  And, of course, we saw buffalo.  We also saw grizzly bears on the side of the road, and a ring-tailed cat crossed the road in front of us.

In a trend that was becoming common, the hikes that I had planned for us did not work out.  The Fairy Falls Trail was closed due to bear activity and the Lower Falls Trail was covered in deep snow that we couldn't maneuver through in our running shoes (the snow made it difficult to see trail path).

The Drive to Yellowstone:

Yellowstone Highlights:

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