Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Salt Lake City

Our vacation was pretty nature-heavy, so I planned a few "city days" with a stay in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We toured the historic Temple Square, had lunch at Lion House Pantry, visited the zoo, the aviary, and Clarke Planetarium.  We also celebrated Randy's birthday while we were there.  Despite more cold weather and mostly rainy days, we all enjoyed our time in Salt Lake City.

Temple Square:
We visited one of the museums, went on an official tour to learn about the building of the Tabernacle, and had lunch at the Lion House Pantry, Bingham Young's former house.  

Clark Planetarium: 
We toured the museum, saw an IMAX film, and the boys really enjoyed the interactive exhibits.

Randy's Birthday: 
We celebrated with a few gifts, a visit to the aviary, lunch at Outback, a movie, and dinner at Chili's, (where Brady ordered his first ever dessert at a restaurant - a mini molten chocolate lava cake). 

Salt Lake City Zoo:
Thanks to cold, drizzly weather, we had the zoo mostly to ourselves and were able to have some up-close animal encounters. 

Tracy Aviary:
The boys really enjoyed the aviary and seeing all of the different bird species.  Brady got one of his favorite souvenirs here - a big stuffed cardinal. 

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