Sunday, July 7, 2019

Carolina Creek

Brady had an opportunity to attend a 3-night camping session at Carolina Creek.  This was his first time away from home for so long without any contact.  I'm sure it was much harder for me than it was for him.  

He had a "pretty good" time at camp, which is high praise from him.  :-)  His favorite activities were the flying squirrel, boat ride, carnival games night, and swimming at the pool.  He also really enjoyed the tricky riddles his counselors and camp-mates discussed each night.  And he said that the food was tasty.  He didn't like that it was difficult to sleep at night so he was pretty tired during the day, and he didn't care for the singing and dancing that went along with the evening program.  But overall, it was a really wonderful experience for him, and we're thankful for our camp friends that made it possible.

Brady was in the Tiger cabin.

His top bunk.

Brady won the "most generous" award because he chose to spend his souvenir money not on himself, but on a mini football for his brother.  Always the sweetheart!

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