Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Brady's 11th Birthday!

After driving back from Great Wolf Lodge, we celebrated Brady's 11th birthday with cookie cake and presents.

Great Wolf Lodge

We celebrated Brady's birthday with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge!  Brady's favorite thing was the water playground thing, but he also enjoyed the wave pool, and the many water slides.  He did not care for the magic quest, which surprised me.  But he did like the other special birthday treats he got while he was there.

The water park was not conducive to picture-taking so I didn't get any pictures from all of the water park fun, and only have these few going-around-the-hotel-posing-for-pictures pictures:

And these in the hotel room when we celebrated the big B-Day:

Cowboys Camp

For the 2nd year, the boys and I went to The Star to watch Cowboys Training Camp.  This year, we doubled our fun by going 2 days in a row.  It's a dream come true for Dawson, pretty fun for me, and Brady just tolerates it.  ;-)  Still, we made some good memories, were able to watch the Cowboys practice up-close, got a few autographs, and even had some of the player's gloves tossed to us. 

First Day of School

The 1st day of school is always fun!  We celebrate with our traditional pencil cake, get new school supplies, go over curriculum, and talk about all that we hope to accomplish during the school year.  My biggest hope is that we will enjoy this year together.

Brownwood State Park

On our way to Abilene, the boys and I stopped by Brownwood State Park.  We looked around a bit, went on a short hike, and checked another Texas State Park off of our list. 

Elkins 5K

We had some friends join us for the Seven Hills 5K in the neighborhood.  Friends definitely make running more fun!

Ninja Warrior Gym

One of our fun summer activities was going to Ninja Warrior Kids gym in The Woodlands.  Brady and Wesley had a great time!