Sunday, November 17, 2019


It was another fun Halloween with these cuties.  We had fun Halloween-themed meals, of course.  We gave the boys little Halloween gifts.  Dawson had basketball practice, but thankfully, Brady agreed to trick-or-treating (mainly because I got all sentimental on him about how sad it will be when I no longer have "little" kids that want to trick-or-treating).

Big breakfast feast, including "monster" donuts.

The goods from Brady's Halloween bag.

Dawson's Halloween loot.

Supper was jack-o-lantern and ghost burgers.  And, oh-so-yummy pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies and candy-coated Halloween pretzel sticks for desert.

An easy, no-prep costume - a "runner."  :-)

Trick-or-treating with Brady.

Pillowcase full of candy.

Of course, I had to organize the candy.

Woodlands Fun Day

Brady was reminiscing about the days when we would go to The Woodlands to do our school work and then go do other fun things in the area after finishing schoolwork.  So, at his request, we went on a "Woodlands Fun Day."  We did school at Panera (yum!), stopped at some of his favorite places in The Woodlands Mall (Barnes & Noble, the Lego Store, and the pet store), and enjoyed some outdoor time at Candy Cane Park.

Camping with Brady

Randy took Brady camping at Huntsville State Park to work on some remaining requirements for his First Class rank in Scouts.  Brady did amazing (as usual)!  He demonstrated his mastery of knots and lashings, orienteering, first aid, fire building, and outdoor cooking.  And he had lots of fun doing it.

This is definitely the BEST campsite at Huntsville SP.

Measuring the height of a tree.

Working on some orienteering and map skills.

Supplies for knots and lashings. 

Diagonal lashing.

Two square lashings.

Tripod lashing.

Working on first aid.

So darn cute!

Such a good fire builder!

Enjoying an evening by the campfire.

And a visit by a very brave raccoon (he/she got much closer than this and lingered for a while).

Lightweight stove cooking.

They said this instant breakfast wasn't so bad.

Enjoying breakfast before packing up and heading home.

Hornaday Weekend

Randy took the boys to Hornaday Weekend at Lost Pines Scout Camp in Bastrop, where they camped and attended some very neat merit badge workshops (Radio, Oceanography, Mammal Study, Astronomy, and Space Exploration).

Homeschool Cross Country Team

We started a homeschool cross-country team this year.  We were a small group (just 7 runners), but an awesome group!!