Sunday, November 17, 2019


It was another fun Halloween with these cuties.  We had fun Halloween-themed meals, of course.  We gave the boys little Halloween gifts.  Dawson had basketball practice, but thankfully, Brady agreed to trick-or-treating (mainly because I got all sentimental on him about how sad it will be when I no longer have "little" kids that want to trick-or-treating).

Big breakfast feast, including "monster" donuts.

The goods from Brady's Halloween bag.

Dawson's Halloween loot.

Supper was jack-o-lantern and ghost burgers.  And, oh-so-yummy pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies and candy-coated Halloween pretzel sticks for desert.

An easy, no-prep costume - a "runner."  :-)

Trick-or-treating with Brady.

Pillowcase full of candy.

Of course, I had to organize the candy.

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